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Our Volunteer Ms. Padma Moorthy’s visit to Bellinggham, USA to meet Ms. Barbara Demorest, the founder of Knitted Knockers, USA
June 17, 2023

Saaisha – A silent partner to cancer patients by Divya – Volunteer Ms. Bhagyalakshmi’s daughter

Talk about service by heart and nearly 400 women are showing just that and how!  This team of young, life experienced and cancer survivors is silently creating waves to provide a meaningful life (that’s what Saaisha means) to women who have undergone mastectomy and beanies for children who are undergoing chemotherapy.  

Cancer survivors have a whole different story to tell.  We can only sympathize with them.  But here is a charity organization, founded by Mrs. Jayashree Ratan, who not only feels for them, but also provides them with comfortable ornaments and allows them to go out with the same grace.

Losing a part of your body is no less a pain than bearing the pain of the treatment.  Women under the knife for mastectomy would lose their breasts and anybody going into chemotherapy is bound to hair fall.  Saaisha gives that womanly confidence again by providing handmade breast prosthetics.  This, following international standards of knitting.  For children, cute little beanies, that act as a colorful head-gear give them a not-so-sick accessory.

Saaisha,  born in 2018, has worked out of a word-of-mouth model for generating passionate volunteers.  The belief that one hand need not know what the other hand did.  But well, another hand can know what you did and so here I am, telling the world about Saaisha.

Few women are also beneficiaries of the product, turned volunteers.  These passionate volunteers are spread across the globe.  Some of the volunteers are also from medical fraternity. 

Waves are created by tides too, but this is one such silent wave that can offer peace, comfort and tangible love.  And I do emphasize on tangible because the knockers and beanies are given for FREE.  Wouldn’t it be such a great reach to not only urban but also rural India?  I believe the wave will grow to a tide one day. 

If you know a breast cancer survivor or any child undergoing chemotherapy, or if you want to give a little of your heart too and volunteer for knitting, please do head-out to their website- 

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