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The provision of accessories to cancer patients is one of the projects taken up by Saaisha India Foundation and we have been providing knitted/crochet breast prosthesis for mastectomy warriors since 2018 and beanies for pediatric cancer patients since 2021.

What is a Knocker ?

Knockers are special, soft, light weight breast prosthesis that are very comfortable for women who have undergone mastectomies, lumpectomies and/ or are undergoing reconstruction. Knockers are either Knitted or Crocheted. Knockers are generally supplied in sets of two KKs/ four KKs for single/ double mastectomy patients to maintain hygiene.

How the Knockers are made

Knockers are needed in all sizes though most requests stay within the A/B/C/D size range. As of now, Saaisha volunteers are using only neutral and pastel colour yarns to make the knockers. Matching pairs are given to beneficiaries.

We provide approved patterns for the Knockers, one for Knitted Knockers and the other for Crocheted Knockers, which are based on patterns provided by of USA that result in wonderful soft, contoured knockers. Please note that only knockers made from these approved patterns and using approved yarns will be used for distribution of knockers at saaisha India Foundation.

The knitted pattern is in the round on double point needles and is called ‘Bottoms Up Knocker for Double Point Needles’. Find link to the downloadable pattern in the Patterns’ section below.

For our wonderful crocheters there is a nicely contoured crochet pattern using the magic circle method and is called ‘Knitted Knocker pattern – Crochet’. 

Note: The crochet by its nature can be stiff and requires 1/3 more yarn for a knocker as compared to the knitted version. See the link to the downloadable pattern in the ‘Patterns’ section below.

Still having trouble learning ? Here are some video tuorials

Given below are the links to our mini  videos in English created by our Trainers Sakthi Harinath and Subha Iyer on how to make Crocheted Knockers and Knitted Knockers. Make sure you are watching the correct video that matches the skill (knitting or crochet) you are using amd also, all the mini videos under this.  

Knockers Awareness Video

Approved Yarns

Other Printable Materials

Request Knockers

The tutorials and materials provided above are for those who know the basics of knitting or crochet. If you are totally new to knitting or crochet we suggest you to Request Knockers in Saaisha India Beneficiary under the beneficiary section and we will provide you with the knockers hassle free.