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Saaisha Training Objective

Saaisha India is registered with of USA. We use their time tested patterns and also follow their policies for distribution of Knockers. In the initial period when we had few manageable number of volunteers we could guide them one-to-one regarding their queries on patterns, finishing of knockers, correction of mistakes etc.

As Saaisha grew in size with volunteers spread across nine countries it has become difficult to maintain this personal guidance. At the same time, it was felt necessary to maintain high standards of quality in Knitting and Crocheting Knockers to ensure best finish and proper fit for the beneficiaries. It was therefore decided in Nov 2019 to start Training programs for all new volunteers who were inducted from that date. All those existing Volunteers were also given an opportunity to take advantage of training.

We started training programs to cover all levels – Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. The need for insistence of Training was explained to our Volunteers

The training sessions are conducted online by our experienced Knitter/ Crocheter volunteers for about an hour. Trainee Volunteers can clear all their doubts and learn the right way the “Saaisha India way” of finishing a Knocker. The feedback received from both new Volunteers and Beneficiaries indicate the great success of the program. At the end of the program the Volunteers are issued a Certificate.


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