Saaisha India Foundation

Saaisha India Beneficiary

Women using the knockers have confirmed that besides being soft, aesthetic and eco-friendly, usage has provided them comfort, confidence and have helped improve balance and posture. These Knockers are provided FREE of cost by us. Beneficiaries requesting Knockers may however take their own medical advice about suitability of the product before applying for/ using them.

Reasons to consider our benefactory

  • Provided free of cost
  • Made of soft cotton to avoid abrasion or irritation with the mastectomy scars
  • Fits inside the bra cup
  • Provided amply filled with fiber which can be removed / added back as per user’s preference
  • Machine / hand washable
  • Provided in a pair for the purpose of washing and hygiene
  • Required quantities and sizes can be dispatched to anywhere in India, free of cost


The Knockers are generally supplied in pastel colours in sizes as required by the Beneficiary.

Acknowledgement : Knockers are usually sent by post or occasionally by courier. You will be advised of the dispatch once made. Once you receive the Knockers from us please acknowledge receipt by

  + 917700990212

Beneficiaries are requested to kindly provide us with their feedback on the product using the feedback form provided below