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Social Media Coordinators

Role of Social Media Coordinators

Saaisha India will use Social Media mainly to attract and retain Volunteers, attract and service Beneficiaries and information dissemination and contact of Healthcare professionals and Institutions.

Saaisha India does not intend to “police” the online community. It will aim to aggregate all the powerful stories Saaisha Volunteers and Beneficiaries are telling and showcase their individual contribution to the overall mission. Saaisha India’s Social Media guidelines, which are but common sense prescriptions, aim to encourage broader embrace social media without attempting to restrain their social voice.


YouTube Handler

Kanchana Rajagopal

Facebook and Instagram Handlers

Srividya Gopinath

Akhiladevi Kumaran

Youtube Handler

Seema Enand

Facebook Handler

Srividya Gopinath

Instagram Handler