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Their battle is Ours too – by Sreesha Ram Sarma our Teen Volunteer
October 3, 2023
A Tribute To The Young Warriors by Vaishnavi Jayanti – Grade 12 Student
October 12, 2023

Courage Doesn’t Always Roar, Hope Does! – by our volunteer Akhiladevi Kumaran

What does Courage mean to you?

🎯 Is it being brave and roaring like a Lion?

🎯 Is it standing out of the crowd and saying I can do what you can’t even think of?

🎯 Is it that add-on mask you wear to showcase to the rest of world “Look how strong I am..” though flooded with fears and timidity inside?

I feel,
💪🏼Courage is grace under pressure that cannot be explained in words..

💪🏼Courage is knowing how to suffer or learning how to suffer..

💪🏼Courage doesn’t always roar! Sometimes it’s that suffering silent voice saying somewhere in nook and corner of the world around us-“it’s ok.. it happens..this is my one small part of life.. I will move on.. I will wipe tears.. I will shine slowly slowly… in my own pace gradually …amidst wounds, sores, radiation, chemo monster, painful nights, tiring days, words of sympathy, pitiful eyes, etc etc.. maybe not like a phoenix.. but like a very very tiny pink star! I will not give up for sure. I will be fine one day!’ (though heart and rest of the organs are weeping inside).

Salute and cheers to all the pink heroes roaring with courage in this pinktober.

Note: Caption and zentangle inspired by Mary Anne Radmacher

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